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Every child and vulnerable adult has a right to enjoy their visit without experiencing discomfort or harm.

Here are some helpful tips to prevent avoidable distress:

  • Unaccompanied Children

The age limit for unsupervised children is 13.  Do not allow your under 13 child, to come to the stadium without a supervising adult.  They will not be allowed in and this may cause the child unnecessary distress.

  • Getting Lost

Football stadiums are very big, busy and noisy places. It can be extra confusing

because different areas can look the same. Please make sure you :

  • always keep anyone you are responsible for close by
  • accompany your child or vulnerable adult to the toilet
  • agree on a meeting point on arrival in case you get separated (this can easily happen)
  • say hello to the stewards in your area and tell your child that they should go to them or another steward if they get lost or worried. Our stewards are all trained to know what to do if a child is lost or missing.
  • Babes in Arms

Stadium visitors are advised that a football stadium is not a suitable environment for a baby. If you are considering bringing a baby to a matchday please contact the supporters services team so that we can help plan your visit appropriately. Please note prams are not allowed in the stadium. 

  • Weather Conditions

Through the football season visitors are likely to experience all weather types, from high temperatures and strong sunshine to sub-zero temperatures, rain, wind, snow and icy conditions. 

Allow yourself extra time in icy weather and be careful when walking.

Babies and young children can become very cold very quickly, even at times of the year where adults feel that it is warm outside. If you do bring your child to a match remember to dress them in extra layers, at least one more than you are likely to be wearing and they should always have an outer coat, hat and gloves. They can always remove a layer if too warm!

On very sunny hot days, parts of the stadium can be in direct sunlight, please make sure that you have sun cream and a hat for your child and that they have plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated.

  • Noise

Football matches are noisy events!

  • The noise levels go up and down throughout a match
  • Some people may also find the cheering, singing and chanting in some parts of the stadium a little frightening.  Small children have more sensitive hearing than adults.  Ear defenders, plugs or muffs may help to protect their hearing and ear muffs may also help to keep them a little bit warmer
  • You may experience some spectators occasionally using language that is inappropriate for children and young people to hear. The Club has a Family Stand for families where such concerns are lessened, if this becomes troublesome please notify a nearby steward.
  • Balls

Footballs are hard. If they hit, you then they can hurt and even cause injury. In many of the lower areas of the spectator seating there is a risk of being hit by a ball from the pitch. This is even more so behind the goals or near the corner flags. During the warm up there are multiple balls on the pitch and they can come from any angle. Please stay alert to the possibility of a football heading your way whenever you are sat in your seat.


  • Emergencies

You should think about having a plan in the event of an emergency during the match.  How would you cope with an emergency situation? Would you all be safe in the crowd trying to get quickly out of the stadium all at once? If you had to get out quickly how would you do that safely and together? Where is your nearest emergency escape and alternative route? Where would you meet up outside the ground if you get separated?

  • Finally

We want you and everyone you are responsible for to enjoy your visit and have a fantastic time at Aesseal New York Stadium. Please think about all the above points to make sure everyone can enjoy their visit SAFELY.

If you have a concern about a child then contact the Club’s Safeguarding Officer at any time on:

During a match please do not hesitate to report a concern to one of our Stewards who will get a Safeguarding Alert out to the Matchday Safeguarding Officer for support.

Where Club officials become concerned that a child may be suffering or likely to suffer from harm or neglect,  we must refer our concerns to other services for support including Social Care or the Police.

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