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  1. If a season ticket is purchased under the direct debit scheme, failure to keep direct debit payments up to date will result in your season ticket being cancelled. The club reserves the right to re-sell your allocated seat should you default on payments.


  1. Your season ticket will not be activated unless all requested Direct Debit Payments have been honoured. Should any Direct Debits be returned to us unpaid by the bank, your season ticket will be immediately de-activated. Your season ticket will only be reactivated after all outstanding payments have been resolved.


  1. You will be refused season ticket benefits should your direct debit payments not be up to date. These benefits include but are not limited to discount on full priced merchandise from the Red and White Shop and priority on away or cup ticket purchases.


  1. If any of your direct debits are not honoured when presented for payment a fee of £20 will be charged ("Late Payment Fee") and you will be contacted for payment. A replacement payment for the amount of the direct debit not honoured together with the Late Payment Fee must be received within fourteen days of notification. If your direct debit fails for a third time in a season, the option to pay by direct debit may be withdrawn. If you wish to carry on with your season ticket then you will have to pay the balance remaining in full.


  1. In the event that there are any behind closed doors fixtures or that there are any restrictions on capacity due to social distancing, or the season ends without all scheduled league games having been played, you must keep up with your direct debit payments. If there are any pro-rata refunds or credits to be made to your Millers Wallet then these will be completed separately from your season ticket payments.


  1. No Deposits, Direct Debit payments or Late Payment Fees will be refunded under any circumstances during a non-restricted season. This doesn’t affect the terms and conditions set out in point 5 above regarding pro-rata refunds and credits for matches which have been played behind closed doors, under social distanced restrictions or if the season ends without all scheduled games having been played.


  1. Any notice or other information we may need to send to you under the terms of this instalment offer will be sent initially by email to the registered email address on the supporters ticketing account. If any correspondence is sent via the post, this will be by second class mail to the address we have registered on the ticketing system.


  1. If your season ticket has been auto renewed, you have the right to cancel in writing by contacting the Red and White Shop.


  1. All season tickets sold by direct debit will be auto renewed for the following season. You will get the chance to cancel your auto renewal before any payments are taken for the 2024/25 season.
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