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Club News


21 May 2024

Club News


21 May 2024

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Ahead of 2024/25 Season Ticket sales being launched on Wednesday 15th May 2024, Rotherham United have collated the following list of questions that we believe have been or will be frequently asked by supporters regarding the process following our move to our new ticketing partners Ticketmaster Sport.

We will once again continue to monitor queries raised on social media by fans and add to the following list of questions and answers where appropriate.


No. Ticketmaster is providing the technology that will power Rotherham’s ticketing platform. The fan ticketing experience will be through

Supporters who purchase online, by phone or in-person can continue doing this through the same channels.   

Supporters’ seats from the 2023/24 season are currently reserved to buy.

Fans wishing to keep their seat on for the new season have until midnight on Monday 24th June 2024 to purchase their reserved seat, after which time they will be released for General Sale.

Any seats which are released will go on General Sale to the public at 9am on Wednesday 3rd July 2024.


To ensure the smoothest possible transition to our new ticketing platform which will be powered by Ticketmaster, we have removed all auto-renewals from supporters’ accounts.

Whilst seats remain reserved, ALL SUPPORTERS wishing to secure their seat at the cheapest possible price – whether paying up front or by Direct Debit – will be required to log in and action the reservation within the ticketing system.

For clarity, supporters’ seats will automatically be waiting for them to confirm their purchase in the new system. It is possible for supporters to take the aforementioned action either online, in-person in the Red and White Shop or over the phone on 01709 827768.

Money currently in your Millers Wallet can be used towards the cost of the renewal of your 2024/25 Season Ticket.

For clarity, not all supporters will have any funds remaining in their Millers Wallets.

Rest assured, as part of the transition to the new ticketing platform powered by Ticketmaster, any monies already in Millers Wallets will be automatically transferred. In the unlikely event that any supporters notice any discrepancies in the funds that are in their Millers Wallets, we encourage you to contact the Red and White Shop for our staff to investigate.

Any funds in Millers Wallets are only useable on matchday ticket and Season Ticket purchases and not for retail purchases made in the Red and White Shop.

We are aware that some supporters who activated their Ticketmaster accounts early were not seeing funds in their Millers Wallets. We are pleased to confirm that by 5pm on Tuesday 14th May 2024, this issue will have been rectified. For any supporters who believe that they should have funds in their wallets that are not showing after this time, please email and our team will investigate the issue further.

We are aware that upon early activation a number of supporters were not seeing their Loyalty Points showing in their new accounts.

As of 1pm on Tuesday 14th May 2024, we are pleased to confirm that this issue has been resolved.

Anybody who does not have Loyalty Points showing in their account at present, should email and they will look to rectify the issue.

We understand that there may be a number of supporters may not wish to commit to purchasing a Season Ticket for the new campaign.

To ensure the smoothest possible transition to our new ticketing platform which will be powered by Ticketmaster, we have removed all auto-renewals from supporters’ accounts.

All reservations will expire on midnight on Monday 1st July 2024 if you do not wish to renew your Season Ticket for the upcoming campaign.

In the event that you do not wish to renew, you need not take any action.

For peace of mind, if you would prefer not to renew with us and would like to get in touch, please email expressing your desire to cancel ahead of the 2024/25 campaign.

At the moment, there is no facility to complete the transaction on behalf of a companion online.

The club are working with Ticketmaster to look to provide this service moving forwards.

In the meantime, supporters who require a companion ticket should contact the Red and White Shop on 01709 827768 or email

Fans can also visit us in-person to organise their companion ticket.

As the parent/guardian we advise that first and foremost activate your own ticketing account online.

From here, you will be able to link the accounts of your children in the 'Account Management' menu.

Begin by heading to and logging in.

Then click the person icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

This will produce a separate sidebar which reads 'View Account Menu' at the foot of the page.

The next step is to click the 'Account Management' drop down menu before selecting 'Network'.

From here you will need to click 'Add Members'.

In the 'Search for Existing Members' menu you will need to input the Membership Number and Surname of the supporter you are wishing to link to your account.

You will then be able to edit the control you have for that account by deciding whether you can 'assign' or 'manage' tickets on behalf of that particular supporter.

If you have added a supporter who had a 2023/24 Season Ticket, you will be able to renew on their behalf when it displays in the 'reservations' section in the account menu.

The first payment for the 2024/25 Season Tickets will be taken on 1st July 2024..

As per previous seasons, payments will be taken until 1st April 2025.

The first payment may differ from subsequent instalments, depending on the time of purchase.

Please also note, that a non-refundable £5 charge will be added onto the first instalment of your 2024/25 Season Ticket Direct Debit payment plan, in line with the transferring of the management of our Direct Debit scheme to Ticketmaster. 

Definitely. Our Supporter Services team are usually great at coming back to fans, but are always understandably inundated with queries and people in the shop following the Season Ticket sales launch.

We politely ask that you allow them a little longer than usual to come back to you, but rest assured, they're doing their best to work through the emails.

With there being no auto-renewal process in place for the upcoming campaign’s Season Ticket sales, we will NOT be sending physical letters/brochures out to people’s homes.

In keeping with our recently awarded Green Club of the Year status, we will be contacting fans via a series of electronic methods including Marketing Emails, social media and the club website.

We understand that a digital version is not always the most accessible or necessarily the preference for some of our supporters who require or enjoy a physical copy of correspondence and with that in-mind, the club will be able to facilitate the posting of these brochures upon request.

If you think you would like a physical copy of our Season Ticket brochure you should email to make your request.

This year’s process will be slightly different in that during the application stage, supporters will be asked whether they would prefer a digital or a physical Season Tickets Card.

Information surrounding the delivery of Digital Season Ticket Cards will be communicated in due course, at a time well in-advance of the opening game of the 2024/25 campaign.


In alignment with a refreshed approach to Rotherham United’s ticketing delivery strategy in conjunction with our new ticketing platform powered by Ticketmaster, we want to ensure the smoothest possible matchday experience.

Therefore, ALL supporters will be issued with a brand new Season Ticket Card for 2024/25 – which will either be digital or physical depending on your choice at checkout.

For clarity, Season Ticket Cards purchased for previous campaigns will NOT be updated and will therefore NOT work at the turnstiles for the 2024/25 campaign.

The club will issue further communication which will be relevant to those supporters who have opted to have a physical Season Ticket Card in regards to when they are available for collection.

Supporters who have chosen the digital option will receive an email indicating when their ticket is available for download into your Apple or Google Wallet.

Again, further information regarding this process will be available on the website in due course.

Don't worry. Please select your required tickets as per the online process and add them to your basket.

Once in the basket, you will be able to assign the supporters to the relevant tickets. At this point, the price should be amended to reflect the supporters who you are buying for.

Yes. The best way to do this is to contact the Red and White Shop who can cancel the reservation but make a new one for you to purchase either over the phone or online.  Please note there are not a massive amount of seats available that aren’t for renewal so supporters would be advised that seat moves are best to action on July 3rd when unrenewed season tickets go on sale.

Of course, having navigated our way through the Coronavirus pandemic we are hopeful that fans are back here to stay at AESSEAL New York Stadium, but are aware that should that ever change, restrictions could affect whether supporters are able to come to games.

The Club has protocols in place which will be communicated with supporters should there be a change in circumstances.

First and foremost, tickets will now be purchasable only through The club will ensure that this link is updated in all the areas that it currently appears on the official website.

Furthermore, we believe that supporters will notice a sleeker and more user friendly ticketing website interface, that we hope will drastically improve the supporter journey from purchasing right through to attending AESSEAL New York Stadium on a matchday.

The implementation of the Ticketmaster platform also features a more sophisticated stadium map when purchasing home tickets here at AESSEAL New York Stadium.

Ticketmaster have a world renowned reputation as industry leaders in ticket delivery and have a large UK client based spread across the EFL and Premier League varying from clubs like Arsenal to Lincoln City.

Other new and innovative initiatives include the ability to carry a digital season and/or match ticket that previously has not been deliverable by Rotherham United.

No. You will continue to contact the Red and White Shop. You can contact the team HERE.

Millers will see some design changes to our updated ticketing platform. 

The new partnership means that from the 2024/25 season, Millers will benefit from Ticketmaster’s advanced technology when purchasing tickets.

Fans will also have greater control over how they manage their tickets online using Ticketmaster’s state-of-the-art platform.

In the event of a sell out or near sell out, Season Ticket holders will retain the option to easily and quickly list their seat for resale for fixtures they are unable to attend or to transfer their seat digitally to a friend or family member.

No, you will not need to register directly with Ticketmaster.

Log-in to your Rotherham United ticketing account through as you usually would.

Yes, reminders and options to change your password will be embedded in the platform.

If you are still having issues logging in to your account, please contact the Red and White Shop HERE.

Within the email, please provide your supporter number and the email address associated with your ticketing account so we can best assist you.

All men’s and women’s fixtures, Season Tickets and Official Memberships, and any other tickets bought for Club events, will be hosted on the new platform.

Yes, all other events such as Fans Forums, will be purchasable through this Ticketmaster system.

Yes. “Family and Friends” is a feature of your online account which allows you to manage the accounts of friends or family members. You can add up to 20 members to your online network.

Once a supporter has been added to your account, you will be able to purchase tickets on their behalf, subject to availability. If a supporter gives you full management rights over their account, you will also be able to purchase ticketing products which have been reserved in their name (e.g. reserved cup tickets). 

More information on how to use ‘Family and Friends’ will be released in due course. Please note, any pre-existing linked accounts will no longer be linked and will need to be re-linked. Please contact the Red and White Shop if you are struggling to assign Family and Friends within your network.

Yes, all Loyalty Points achieved will remain part of your ticketing account.

Should you notice any discrepancies, please contact Red and White Shop via

Yes. As part of the transition to our new ticketing platform, Rotherham United are delighted to be able to offer supporters the advent of digital Season Tickets for the first ever time.

This means the Millers fans will be able to “carry” their Season Ticket around using their mobile device, if they wish.

Season Ticket Members have the option to retain both a digital Season Ticket and a physical season card and can choose to use either on a matchday to access their seat at AESSEAL New York Stadium.

Instructions on how to access and use the digital Season Ticket will be provided soon. 

Yes, we are aware that some supporters love having their own personalised Season Ticket and we don’t want to take that option away. Supporters will have the option of one or the other of either a digital Season Ticket or a physical card, as in seasons past.

Yes, although this is nothing new. Tickets purchased over the phone and online will be charged with a £1 per ticket fee, to absorb the cost of issuance incurred by the club.

No fees will be charged in person at the Red and White Shop.

In terms of the delivery of the Direct Debit scheme, there will be no changes. Season Tickets will still be available over 9 or 10 payments depending on the purchase date and it will be interest free, subject to application.

In order to increase the efficiency and improve the experience of the scheme, Rotherham United from the 2024/25 season will be outsourcing the administration which means a nonrefundable £5 fee will be now be payable upon application for a Season Ticket via Direct Debit.

This payment will be a one off made when applying for a Season Ticket via direct debit and will not be spread across the term of the credit facility.

Yes. Any existing ticketing credit balances will be carried over to the new platform, which can be redeemed against any available ticketing product or Season Ticket renewal.

Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), supporters will need to add their card details again to the new ticketing platform. Further information on how to do this will be communicated in due course.

Should home tickets go to general sale (subject to availability), transactions will be limited to a total of five tickets.


The image in question was simply a 'holding card' until all functionality in the back office of the ticketing website had been installed by Ticketmaster.

If you are still facing this issue, please let us know by contacting us on

If you still need assistance, please email and we will endeavour to help as effectively we can.

In addition, we will continue to address the above queries and add FAQs as they come up and develop any answers that are above.

Go to and follow the screenshots as below.

Your Rotherham United Membership Number can be found on the Season Ticket Card which was used for the 2023/24 campaign.

You will find the number located in the top right of your Season Ticket Card.


The Ticketmaster Sport system will automatically recognise which age/price category you will be in for the 2024/25 campaign and will add a renewal Season Ticket to your basket accordingly.

Price class is decided on your age on the 1st August 2024, which again, is something that the Ticketmaster Sport system will be aware of and take into account at the present time. You don’t need to tell us you’re celebrating on the 30th July!

This will likely be as a result of trying a password with too many attempts.

We suggest trying the ‘Forgotten Details’ option and resetting your password before trying again.

In the instance that you are unable to login after this process, email for assistance.

We are aware and have now rectified an error in the data which was ported across from the old ticketing platform and meant that supporters were unable to find their surnames, despite being inputted correctly.

This issue has now been resolved.

This has been one of the most commonly asked questions and we are now aware of the issue that users are experiencing.

To log in to an account online it MUST have a unique email address.

If you had other fans/children/family members registered under one umbrella/your email address on the old system, this will not allow you to access their accounts on the new one and therefore, they will not show in the networking section.

Supporters must register a unique email address for every account in order for them to appear in the networking tab.

For example:

Joe Bloggs (Dad) –

Joe is looking to register his two children in his ‘Network’ but they are not showing because previously they have been registered with him under his email as above.

Joe now needs to make sure that his two children have their own email accounts, to ensure that our ticketing platform can identify them as unique users.

Jenny Bloggs (Daughter) –

Jerry Bloggs (Son) –

Without individual email addresses, supporters will NOT be able to link the accounts of family members in the system.

Supporters’ confirmation email will state ‘subscribed’ if they have selected auto-renewal for forthcoming seasons on our new ticketing platform.

Supporters’ confirmation email will state ‘unsubscribed’ if they haven’t or are yet to select auto-renewal for the forthcoming seasons on our new ticketing platform.

Each supporter who has applied for a 2024/25 Season Ticket should indeed receive a confirmation email.

It has been brought to our attention that not all supporters have received their confirmation emails.

This is an issue which is known to us and we are now informed that it should be resolved.

Fans should allow up to 24 hours for their confirmation email to arrive following their Season Ticket application and we would politely advise checking 'Junk' folders for them too.

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