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READ | Matt Taylor's welcome interview highlights

4 October 2022


READ | Matt Taylor's welcome interview highlights

4 October 2022

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Rotherham United's newly-appointed first team manager Matt Taylor spoke to the media before sitting down with iFollow Millers on Tuesday evening.

The 40-year-old afforded iFollow Millers the time to discuss his new role and his ambitions for a Rotherham United side that he hopes to help maintain and build on the success of the last few seasons with...


Taylor on why he decided Rotherham United was the next step for him in his career...

"The opportunity to work at a Championship club and one that had the same values as myself and Wayne Carlisle.

"There's a group of players who I could see something within, in relation to how they've performed so far this season and what their success has been built on in the past. All of the elements of that are exactly the same was what I have done previously in my career - be it as a manager, coach or a player."

Matt Taylor, Manager


Taylor on his meetings with club representatives and Chairman Tony Stewart prior to making the decision...

"It seemed to go well and I spoke honestly about my expectations and they spoke the same about theirs.

"It has to be aligned. We have to understand each other, which we seem to do.

"I obviously had a job to do with Exeter City and get that Saturday game out of the way. As soon as that was done, all of our focus turned to what was next.

"I've got a six-week-old baby and the joys of that meant that I was awake in the middle of the night, so I was able to watch Rotherham's game through Saturday night into Sunday morning on my phone on Wyscout."


Taylor on his understanding of the club and the town's values...

"Anyone who has seen me speak previously hopefully agrees that I'm an open and honest person.

"I'll always say it how I see it and how it is.

"I won't talk falsely about anything that has happened. It is all about being honest with each other.

"The players have to be honest with each other and we do as staff. Hopefully the fans buy into that.

"We won't be changing too much too soon because we don't need to. This club and this group of players are moving in the right direction and the fans have bought into that already.

"We want them to keep on buying into it and keep bringing their energy and support, week-in-week-out.

"We know what the country is going through at the moment and nowhere more so than in a working town like Rotherham, so the expectation is there for entertainment value and we will certainly be looking to achieve that."

Matt Taylor, Manager


Taylor on his background education and history in the local area...

"You have to be careful because there are different types of intelligence.

"I studied in Sheffield and got a Bachelor's degree in Sport Development Coaching at Sheffield Hallam University back in 2003 to 2006. I got a Masters later on in my playing career but those are coaching qualifications and written documents.

"Football is fluid. It is played on a pitch where the dimensions don't change too greatly, the ball never changes and neither does the number of players that start the game on the pitch.

"Sometimes it can be over-complicating by overly intelligent people, but I don't feel like I'm one of those people. I understand what is needed first and foremost and that is a substance.

Matt Taylor, Manager

"It is hard work, desire, attitude and respecting one another as much as you respect the game.

"After that we'll be looking to add quality.

"I've had a certain pathway to get where I am in my career, but it is still about winning games of football."


Taylor on his tactical 'style'...

"You play a way that suits your best players.

"At Exeter City over the last couple of seasons we've played a 3-5-2 which is what Rotherham have played recently.

"We like to get balls close to the opposition goal and into the opposition box.

"We also like to play good football.

"Here at Rotherham it is about picking up points but we still want to give young players a chance like we did at Exeter.

"We want to entertain the fans but we don't need to change too much because this team has been entertaining the fans for a number of seasons now.

"We'll fine tune certain details and we'll give them the belief they need to compete at this level."


Taylor on picking up the mantle after Paul Warne after doing so incredibly successfully following Paul Tisdale's departure from Exeter...

"I learned a lot off the back of that.

"Paul Tisdale had been at Exeter City for 12 years and had incredible success within that time.

"To take over a team in that position, they were in good shape. I was fortunate in that moment but I'm fortunate now as well. Paul [Warne] did a fantastic job here but he's left now and I'm in the position to lead this group of players into what is next."

Matt Taylor, Manager

"Ultimately, first and foremost that is the game tomorrow night and we don't need to change too much."


Taylor on creating a new chapter in the book of Rotherham United...

"It is always about the players and the fans.

"Managers come and go at all football clubs and coaches come and go. The cogs are the supporters. They never change, they never waiver and you never change clubs as a supporter."

Matt Taylor, Manager

"The players are a big part of it as they are who we judge and assess and have opinions on, but we love them to bits and we're going to love them and improve them in certain areas.

"We're only as strong as each other and this club has achieved incredible things together and we look forward to doing that in the future."


Taylor on the staff already in place at Roundwood...

"They have been outstanding.

"At the stadium, the training ground and the players.

"Even around the town people have already been so welcoming.

"I was having a bit of food in the hotel last night and a gentleman came up to me and wished me well.

"Everyone has been so, so friendly, which is exactly what you expect from a northern town with good working class roots.

"It is testament to the previous manager in regards to the environment which has been created at the training ground and we'll be looking to add to that.

"I've obviously brought Wayne Carlisle, who is a big asset to myself and will work hard for us out on that coaching pitch.

"We'll need a few more bodies to join us in relation to that, but what a fantastic group of staff we have already in place."

Matt Taylor, Manager


Taylor on bringing a fresh voice and new ideas to the training ground...

"Fresh eyes, fresh energy too.

"Different ideas and opinions always energise.

"As I've said though, we don't need to change too much too soon.

"We have a great working relationship already in place at the training ground. The players work for each other and they work for the fans.

"We had a similar sort of team at Exeter who went above and beyond and that goes for the staff as well.

"The supporters will need to follow suit, but they have in the past and I am sure they will in the future."


Taylor on looking ahead to his first game in charge which comes tomorrow night at home to Millwall...

"It's exciting isn't it - this is living.

"It really is. I'm very fortunate.

"The players are privileged and I'm incredibly privileged to be sat in this position right now and I can't wait for what is next."

Matt Taylor, Manager

"I will barely need to say a word in that dressing room tomorrow night to a newly-promoted team as we are against a mighty team at the level in Millwall.

"The atmosphere will be cracking and it should be a great game of football under the lights in an incredible stadium with a fantastic pitch."

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