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READ | Warne's pre-Plymouth Argyle press highlights

24 February 2022

Rotherham United boss Paul Warne spoke to iFollow Millers ahead of the longest away trip of the season, which sees him take his side to Devon to face Plymouth Argyle on Saturday.

On the agenda ahead of the epic coach journey were the form of the strikers and Josh Vickers and Michael Ihiekwe at the other end, the chances of Rarmani Edmonds-Green featuring in the near future and how the Millers will plan ahead of the trek ahead.

You can read all that and more in our press highlights below, with full video content available shortly on iFollow Millers, HERE.


Warne on Morecambe win…

“It’s always about getting the results, of course it is, but we’re still looking for football utopia. I don’t think we should have to be 3-0 up to feel comfortable.

“Morecambe made it really difficult for us – to be fair – but I do think we made it difficult for ourselves at time, too.

“I don’t think we retained the ball well enough and we made a few defensive errors which is a little unlike us.

“I thought we definitely rode our luck to keep a clean sheet, I’m now going to show the lads 24 clips of what I liked and didn’t like and we just have to keep trying to improve.


Warne on the importance of understanding that no game is ‘easy’…

“These remaining 13 games are not going to be a procession, anything but. It is going to be a right battle and Tuesday night emphasised that point better than anything I could have said.

“Everyone is fighting for something.

"Apart from the last three or four games of the season when you possibly get some middle of the table teams, who don't have the same desire, you're always going to have the bottom six or seven who are fighting and the top 10 or 12 who think they can get in it, and that will continue.

"I didn't find the game at Crewe particularly easy.

"There's a lot of fixtures and a lot of fatigue in a lot of the teams, ourselves included.

"There's some real tough games ahead and I don't disrespect any team in this league."


Warne on Josh Vickers' form of late...

"He made some good saves, but a lot were ones I expected him to make.

"My favourite was when he dives at the feet of Stockton and just flicks it out.

"His general confidence and performances have been excellent, backed up by a really good back three - as were Viktor's prior to that.

"As a partnership, they are excellent, they both want the best for each other, but both want to play and I understand that.

"It goes to my usual thought process that you can only ever trust a man with a beard and his is a good strong one!

"If you're going to have success, you need all XI players on the pitch to do well and he is definitely playing his part."



Warne on Michael Ihiekwe form this season...

"Ironically, I didn't think he was at his best on Tuesday night.

"He has got amazing standards though.

"He's played on the left, in the centre and on the right.

"He steps in really well and he's had a very good season - I can't speak highly enough of him."


Warne on leading the press from the front and the performance of the strikers on that front on Tuesday night...

"In fairness, if I'd played Griggy, Georgie or JJ, I'd expect the same dedication. That's how we train them and that's how we ask them to play.

"They were really good. We've got a couple of clips today that we've shown them where we've pressed where we didn't need to and got picked off. We've got to try and help them on when and where to press.

"Overall, I'm always pleased with the players but I just want football utopia."


Warne on goal return from both starting striker on Tuesday night...

"There's no disputing Freddie and his goalscoring talent. It's right up there and that's why we brought him to the club.

"He's a goalscorer who has always scored goals for us.

"In fairness, I thought he was really unlucky not to have his hat-trick.

"It was a really good performance from him and he can be pleased with himself.

"It doesn't bother me who scores though, if Icky gets to 15 goals and it gets us to where we want to go then great, it's just that both the strikers are in really good form which is good."



Warne on overall squad health...

"We've got some fatigue obviously.

"I don't think we have any new injuries as such, but as you well know, I'll know a bit more later on.

"I think they've got through it okay, but they do get through it easier when they win that is for sure!

"We should have a full echelon for this weekend."


Warne on potential REG return...

"He's training today.

"I can hear him, so I know he's training!

"It'll be nice to have him back in the group, we'll see when he's fit enough to rejoin the matchday squad.

"It's a good day to join back in because Thursday is our hardest training day."


Warne on whether Angus is ready to compete for a starting shirt...

"I really like Angus and I thought he was one of our standout players last year.

"It is just that the defenders are doing well and it is well-reported the stats on them.

"It isn't the fact that I don't think Angus can play, I've just got no reason to change it.

"I feel like Angus is a little bit frustrated that he isn't getting the game time but he knows football and understands why - it isn't that we don't think he's a good player because we do.

"He's training well, but there's no reason to take out the success that we've got at the moment.

"It might be that Angus plays at the weekend or at Shrewsbury and it is the same with Joe Mattock.

"It's just a good mix of players I think that are desperate to play and try to get us the results that we want."


Warne on whether the long trip down to Plymouth will affect training preparation...

"It does a little bit.

"We'll train a little bit earlier on Friday to get on the road as soon as we can.

"It'll be at least a six-hour coach ride, so I sincerely appreciate any fans who are making the effort to go.

"I will definitely come over and clap, win, lose or draw.

"We'll try and get on the road at 12 and hopefully get ourselves down there for tea, which is crucial with a group of very hungry footballers.

"We'll probably train a little bit lighter on Friday, so we can get on the road.

"I'll have to do some downloading of something to watch before we set off I think!"


Warne on a good home side in Plymouth Argyle...

"They've been good at home.

"They have a really good following and I don't think that people realise how big a club they are.

"They have massive attendances and they've done really well because I thought that the change in manager might have had an effect, but they've hung in there.

"I say 'hung in there' but they've got really good results and they keep doing it.

"It was a bit of a coupon buster them losing at Cambridge because they've been in really good form.

"It is difficult to win every single game. It will be another one in which they think they've got a good chance to beat us and so they should.

"They're in really good form but so are we."

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