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READ | 2021/22 Season Ticket - FAQs

3 July 2021

2021/22 Season Ticket FAQ’s

Will I be sat in my usual seat for the whole season?

You will be sold your season ticket in the seat that you occupied in the 2019/20 campaign.

If there are no restrictions for any of our league fixtures then you will be issued a season card as you have received in previous seasons and will sit in your season ticket seat at matches.

Should there any be any restrictions in place for any of the 2021/22 league fixtures then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to sit in your ‘season ticket seat’, as the club will need to select an alternative seat for individual matches that complies with the restrictions in place at the time.


What happens if there are any capacity or social distancing restrictions for the fixtures?

If there are any social distancing restrictions in place for the league fixtures then it is highly unlikely that you will be sat in your ‘season ticket seat’.

In this instance, you will have to select an alternative seat for individual matches.

If we have any league fixtures which are (at) played in front of a reduced capacity - which results in a number of season tickets holders not being able to gain access to the fixture - a grouping or ballot method may be used to determine which season ticket holders will be selected to attend the match. Further details of how this method will work will be confirmed should they be required.

Any supporters who miss out on any particular fixture will be issued a streaming pass and a partial refund if applicable.

If supporters do not want a streaming pass then a refund will be processed for the value of that particular match ticket – equivalent to 1/23rd of the full season ticket price.


What happens if any matches are played behind closed doors?

In the event that matches are played behind closed doors, supporters will be issued a streaming pass and a partial refund if applicable.

If supporters do not want a streaming pass then a refund will be processed for the value of that particular match ticket – equivalent to 1/23rd of the full season ticket price.


How do I access a streaming pass?

The club are still awaiting confirmation from the EFL on the exact process in which supporters will be given access to the streaming passes.

This information will be communicated to all supporters in advance of the fixtures.

We politely request that supporters who do require the use of a streaming pass make sure that their season ticket accounts are up-to-date with their latest email address.


How do I receive my refunds (if applicable)?

Refunds will be paid into supporters’ Millers Wallet(s) during the first week of the next month.

For example, if Rotherham United has three matches in August and refunds are due for all these games, the refund will be paid into your Millers Wallet during the first week in September.

There will also be an option for supporters to withdraw money in their Millers Wallets to their bank accounts should they wish to do so.


If I can’t attend a fixture, will I get a refund?

No. If you can’t attend a fixture for personal reasons then you wont receive a refund.

Refunds will only be given for behind closed doors fixtures or reduced capacity fixtures if supporters are not selected to attend.


How long do I have to purchase my reserved seat?

Supporters’ seats from the 2019/20 season are currently reserved to buy.

A date on which any remaining seats will be released for general sale will be decided once we know whether there will be any restrictions in place for our upcoming league fixtures.

If there are any restrictions to fixtures, the club will allow supporters an extended window of time in which to purchase their seat.


Do I need to take any action now to ensure that my seat isn’t put up for general sale?

No. Rest assured that your 2019/20 Season Ticket seat will be reserved until the point at which seats are advertised as going on general sale.

At present, we do not have a set date for the remaining seats being released for general sale and will communicate one when we do.

Anyone who has the ‘auto-renewal’ option selected does not need to worry about losing their seat from the 2019/20 season.


How can I spend the funds currently in my Millers Wallet?

Money currently in your Millers Wallet will be used towards the cost of the renewal of your 2021/22 Season Ticket.

Supporters who are on the auto-renewal scheme will automatically taken funds in their Millers Wallets taken when the renewal is processed.


I don’t want to renew my season ticket for next season and I’m worried that my account has the ‘auto renewal’ option selected, what should I do?

We understand that there may be a number of supporters who aren’t yet comfortable coming back to AESSEAL New York Stadium and are not ready to commit to a season ticket.

To check whether you are opted in to our ‘auto-renewal’ scheme, either log in to your online account and check your purchase history for a 2021/22 Season Ticket or email and a member of our team will get back to you.


I like to pay for my Season Ticket by Direct Debit, when will the first payment be taken?

The first payment for the 2021/22 Season Tickets will be taken on 2nd August 2021.

As per previous seasons, payments will be taken until 1st April 2022.


I have sent an email to Supporter Services but not heard anything back. Will I be getting a reply?

Definitely. Our Supporter Services team are usually great at coming back to fans, but have understandably been inundated with queries and people in the shop since out Season Ticket sales launch.

We politely ask that you allow them a little longer than usual to come back to you, but rest assured, they're doing their best to work through the emails.


I have received my auto-renewal letter in the post and my account number and sort code don't appear to be correct?

This is due to the data on our system exporting incorrectly.

Rest assured that we are confident that the data we have on our actual ticketing system is correct and you DO NOT need to call us.

Should we discover any issues with payment details, we will contact supporters on an individual basis.


I have recaived my auto-renewal letter in the post and there are two amounts displayed on the letter. One shows the total cost of my 2021/22 Season Ticket and the other shows an amount to Direct Debit. What does this mean?

The first of those numbers (the greater) is the amount that your 2021/22 Season Ticket will cost in total.

The latter is the amount of the total that will be spread across your monthly payments as part of your Direct Debit.

The reason that the second number is lower is because you will have had credits applied to the full total as part of your Millers Wallet.

ie. if you purchased a Flexi-Season Ticket in 2020/21, that amount will have been deducted from this year's total.


If you left credit in your Millers Wallet from the refunds from the 2019/20 season.


It looks like I've sorted my renewal/new Season Ticket, when can I collect my physical Season Ticket Card?

We are looking to get Season Ticket Cards printed towards the back end of July.

There will be an update on the club website and social media regarding when they are available for supporters to collect.


I'm buying my Season Ticket online and all of the prices are showing as 'Adult' but I want to buy a child/senior ticket, what should I do?

Don't worry. Please select your required tickets as per the online process and add them to your basket.

Once in the basket, you will be able to assign the supporters to the relevant tickets. At this point, the price should be amended to reflect the supporters who you are buying for.


I want to renew my Season Ticket but I'm ready for a change of seat from the one I had in the 2019/20 season, is that possible?

Yes. If purchasing online you will need to log in and select 'new season tickets'.

There, you will be presented with an image of the ground plan and you will need to select the relevant block and seat that you require.

If your Season Ticket has 'auto-renewed' you will be unable to do this online and will need to contact the Red and White Shop.

Please note, that at this stage only seats which have not been sold or have an existing reservation on will be available for you to purchase.

Further seats will become available when the club releases them for General Sale. This will be announced in due course.





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