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READ | Flexi-Season Tickets - Supporter Questions

28 August 2020

Our newly-advertised Flexi-Season Ticket is a new concept to ourselves and our supporters, and we have understandably received a number of questions from our fan base about the scheme.

As a result, we have detailed the answers to some of the most commonly received feedback below:


Is the cost of a Flexi-Season Ticket a one-off payment, or will it be taken on a monthly-basis like a normal Season Ticket Direct Debit?

The price of the Flexi-Season Ticket is a one-off payment. There are concession prices available for the flexi-season ticket as well.

Fans buying a Flexi-Season Ticket will then pay the relevant match prices for games that they wish to attend.


I have seen that we can attend the games in ‘bubbles’ of supporters. Who can be in my bubble and what is the maximum number of people I can share one with?

The Club understand that there will be families/groups of supporters who wish to attend games together and have therefore made arrangements for this to be possible.

At present, we are still awaiting guidance on the maximum numbers of people permitted to be in one particular ‘bubble’.

However, whilst fans can come to games in these small groups, we are asking that supporters make sensible decisions in regards to the groups they inform us they would like to attend with.

We will leave it to supporters’ discretion to make decisions in line with the current Government advice as to who they will come to games with.


Okay, I’ve decided to pay my £25 for a Flexi-Season Ticket. Does that get me entry to every game or is there anything to pay beyond that?

The £25 Flexi-Season Ticket price does not include tickets for ANY fixtures in the 2020/21 campaign.

Fans purchasing a Flexi-Season Ticket will receive a discount on ticket prices for matches.

As with a normal matchday ticket, individual match prices will reflect the area of the stadium in which the supporter is wishing to sit.

Ie. If a ticket for the West Stand is £25, a supporter in possession of a Flexi-Season Ticket will be able to purchase a match ticket for £20.

Due to the restricted capacities, Flexi-Season Ticket holders might not get priority to every fixture played in the 2020/21 season.


As part of the 2019/20 ticketing refund scheme, I opted to have funds returned to my Millers Wallet. Can I use that money to pay for a Flexi-Season Ticket?


Any money in a supporter’s ‘Millers Wallet’ can be put towards the cost of a Flexi-Season Ticket.

Beyond that, any money still remaining in that account can be used to purchase/put towards the cost of individual match tickets.


If I don’t buy a Flexi-Season Ticket will I lose my 2019/20 Season Ticket seat?


Flexi-Season Tickets are simply our way of offering supporters who wish to attend games at present, priority on ticket purchases for any games with a restricted capacity.

All 2019/20 Season Ticket holders will have the right to renew their seats when season tickets go on sale at a later date. This may be later in the 2020/21 season or for the full 2021/22 season.


I selected auto-renew as part of my 2019/20 season ticket purchase. Does this mean the Club will automatically issue me a Flexi-Season Ticket?


We understand that not all supporters want to, or are comfortable with, attending games at the moment.

The auto-renew feature is exclusively for FULL season tickets. Anyone who has selected this option will have their auto-renewal processed when normal Season Tickets go on sale.


Will I receive a Season Ticket Card if I buy a Flexi-Season Ticket?


To reiterate, the Flexi-Season Ticket is aimed at offering supporters wishing to try and attend matches during games with restricted capacity a better chance of doing so.

Those fans that opt to buy a Flexi-Season Ticket will simply have this reflected on their Rotherham United ticketing account, meaning we are able to prioritise them in sales where appropriate for upcoming restricted capacity matches.


If I am able to buy tickets for a match, can I sit in my regular seat this season?
Due to social distancing measures that need to be implemented during the 2020/21 campaign, it is unfortunately unlikely that supporters will be able to sit in their regular seat.


Can I buy a Flexi-Season Ticket if I did not have a Season Ticket for the 2019/20 season?
The Flexi-Season Ticket scheme is only open for supporters who held a full or half Season Ticket in the 2019/20 season.


How many games will I be able to attend?
The number of supporters who will be allowed into the AESSEAL New York Stadium to watch games has yet to be announced, so we cannot confirm this yet.

The Club will do its best to ensure that all Flexi-Season Ticket holders are able to purchase tickets for the same number of games, with a fair rotation in the allocation of tickets.


You’ve said we can use the money in our Millers Wallet to put towards a Flexi-Season Ticket but my account is showing £0, despite the fact there should be money in it. Why is that?

We are aware that some supporters’ Millers Wallets aren’t showing the correct amount at present, and ask that you bear with us while we rectify this issue.

Due to the testing of the auto renewal process on the new ticketing system, some supporters Millers Wallet balances are showing as £0.

We will ensure that this is rectified before Flexi-Season Tickets are put on sale.


You’ve mentioned we can attend in ‘bubbles’ of supporters. If I am in a bubble with a family member(s) or friend(s), will I actually be sat next to them at the game, or will they be spaced nearby using social distancing?

Firstly, let us apologise for the lack of clarity in the original article on this.

Fans in the same ‘bubble’ who purchase match tickets together will indeed be sat with one another at matches. These bubbles will then be socially distanced from other bubbles of supporters in the stadium.

As mentioned in the original story, we are still awaiting confirmation on what will be the maximum number of people permitted to be in any one bubble.

We would again like to request that supporters are sensible and take Government advice into account when informing us of their chosen 'bubbles'.

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