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READ | Warne's lockdown video call highlights

30 April 2020

We caught up with Paul Warne via another video call to ask him how he and his family are coping with lockdown. He provided iFollow Millers with an update on how the lads are faring both physically and psychologically, while also giving us the lowdown on what leisure activities he has enjoyed over recent weeks...

Warne on the opportunity to sharpen his fitness from home during lockdown…

"The exercise has been good. I've done more running than I have ever done I think. I've been joining in on the online classes that Ross [Burbeary] has been kindly putting on.

"There is probably an hour-and-a-half a day of that, so that has been quite good.”


Warne on the other leisure activities he has been enjoying alongside his work…

"I've been able to do some reading and been able to watch some different TV in the evenings.

“I've been watching Kings of Pain which I thoroughly enjoy. I've watched a few documentaries - a basketball one on Michael Jordan and Kansas City Chiefs on The Franchise on Youtube - they've been very good to watch.

"In that respect it has been alright, but it is the same for everyone in that it is a bit surreal. It is about making the best of what you can, so I've definitely enjoyed some time at home with my family."


Warne on his contact with the coaching staff and Matt Hamshaw’s performance as quiz host…

"Hammy has been great. I speak to Hammy and Rich on Facetime all the time because we're doing loads of different things and looking back over the season, over games, set pieces and things we can change or could have done better.

"Hammy has kindly done the quiz for the last couple of weeks.

“I mean I have noticed that the figures are dropping, so I might need to have a little chat with him about that, but we're trying to do it so that we can have two or three different people present it at one time, which would be quite funny.”


Warne on the importance of checking on his players’ emotional well-being during lockdown…

"It is just about keeping in contact with people and the lads. I know they're not at work so to speak but it is just to make sure we reach out and make sure everyone is okay.

"Some of the lads live on their own and it is the same as loads of people in the community, but it is quite tough for a lot of people. It's about making sure everyone is happy and healthy.”


Warne on squad morale at present…

"I think morale is quite good. I think the novelty of being at home has worn off because they're pack animals. They're used to being in groups with 30 of us at the training ground most days of the week.

"For them to suddenly not have that is weird. 

"I think they all enjoy seeing each other and they'll all look forward to coming back. If we do come back in a couple of week and we start with one-on-one [sessions] it will still be nice to see them all.

"I think they're coping alright. All of the lads seem to be. A lot of them have young children so that will have it's own tests. It is always nice to be able to watch your kids grow up, so they shouldn't take that for granted.”


Warne on how the players are keeping themselves fit away from the club…

"I think they're ready to come and kick a ball again. They've been voluntarily running. I can see what everyone has been doing if they choose to do it – we can’t force them to do anything.

"They're keeping themselves on top of their fitness. I think they're like everyone else really in that they're missing a bit of football and just missing seeing people.

"I was laughing with Hammy earlier because I'm going to struggle [when we’re back] - I'm a hugger aren't I? This whole social distancing thing is hard for me!”

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