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READ | The Medical Room - Flu Jabs

9 October 2018

Head of Medical Paul Gambles discusses Flu Jabs, why they’re important to the Millers and how you can organise to have one yourself...

Like the rest of us, football players are just as susceptible to catching coughs, colds and flu. A lot of the players and staff have young children at school or nursery and as most parents know at this time of year kids always seem to have got something.

With this in mind each year our players are encouraged to have their jab to try and prevent them catching flu.

As you can see Dr Richard Cullen was on hand from our partner surgery - Dr Patel & Partners on Broom Lane, to administer the jabs to the players. Fortunately no one passed out at the sight of the needle but there were a few complaints that they weren’t issued a “brave little soldier’ sticker once the jab had been completed.

You can possibly appreciate if you've ever had flu, how it knocks you off your feet and how this would affect our players physically. It’s a massive blow and it can take some time to recover to the level needed to perform in professional football. On top of that, place flu into a confined environment like a training ground where players are constantly in close quarters, eating, drinking and naturally breathing heavily following exercise and you have a recipe for disaster if you don't take the appropriate precautions.

As a club and in partnership with Broom Lane Medical Centre and the NHS, we would just like to echo how important it is that those of you eligible for a flu jab, take the opportunity to have it. Flu can be very debilitating for anyone who catches it and can prove particularly dangerous for certain groups of people. If you fall into the eligible groups for a free jab, please take it and don't risk being ill or passing it on to others who may be in greater danger.

For more information on ‘Flu Jabs’ and the criteria for who qualifies to have one for free, or equally if you want to pay for one, please visit your local GP surgery or access ‘NHS Choices’ via the internet and search ‘Flu Jabs’.



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