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READ | Ticketing Priority Points - FAQ

1 April 2018

What are ticketing priority points?

Ticketing priority points are points which are added to supporters’ accounts based on their ticketing purchase history. Supporters will be allocated points if they buy season tickets, home league or cup fixtures or away cup and league fixtures.

Why have we introduced the scheme?

We have introduced the scheme to allow supporters who attend fixtures on a regular basis a greater chance of being able to purchase tickets for high demand fixtures where the demand exceeds the allocation of tickets. We have listened to the feedback from supporters over the course of the last two seasons and we feel that when required, this is a fair way to distribute the tickets in the future.

Will my season ticket still give me priority?

Yes, season ticket holders will still maintain their priority on purchasing tickets. For many games, the priority points will not be required and season ticket holders will have the priority on the first sales period as they have had in previous seasons.

Should we feel points will be required for the sales of certain fixtures, the tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders which a required amount of points. The sales will be staggered and the points lowered until we reach general sale.

How will points be allocated?

Points will be added for home and away league and cup games along with season tickets. The points will automatically be added at the time of purchase.

How many points will I get?

Supporters will be issued with the following points:

Season tickets: 230 points
Home league match tickets: 10 points
Away league match tickets: 10 points
Home cup match tickets: 10 points
Away cup match tickets: 10 points

When will points be allocated?

Points will be allocated automatically at the time of purchase. Points will only be allocated to supporters who purchase tickets under their own unique supporter number. Points will be allocated for purchases in advance for home and away fixtures. Points will not be added for supporters who travel and pay on the day at away grounds and on certain occasions, supporters who turn up in the last half an hour of home fixtures and pay at the match day ticket windows or the Red and White Shop.

Points will only be awarded once to supporters and in order to obtain points for each person in the booking, tickets must be booked under individual supporter numbers.

How will I know how many points I have?

Supporters can see how many points they have by logging into the online ticket system at Points can be seen in the ‘My Account’ section under the ‘Ticketing priority Points’ section. You can also speak to a member of the team in the Red and White Shop who will be able to confirm the number of points you have.

How will supporters know how many points are required to attend a match?

If there is a fixture where the points system will be required, the club will announce how many points will be required in the ticket details story which will be published on the main website. There may be a time when a supporter has the correct number of points to purchase tickets on a certain day but they may still be unsuccessful.

The number of points required will always be advertised on the ticket story published on our main website, and will also be shown on the ticketing website next to the relevant fixture.

What if I want to attend with other supporters for a fixture with a very limited allocation?

We certainly do not want to prevent supporters from attending games with their friends and as already stated, not all games will use the points system for sales. However, when the points system is in place for a specific fixture and a family member or a friend does not have enough points, supporters will either have to wait for tickets to be on sale to the person with the least points or alternatively, supporters can purchase on their respective days. If tickets become available for the person with the least points, the Red and White Shop will try their best to swap the tickets and allocate them all together.

Can I cancel any ticket purchased?

Yes, tickets can be cancelled in line with the clubs cancellation policy for the specific fixture. Any points allocated for this fixture will be removed at the same time as the cancellation.

What if I don’t have my friends/family members ID number at the time of purchase?

Points will only be allocated once to each customer (even if they purchase more than one ticket). If you are buying tickets on behalf of other supporters then you must know their details at the time of purchase. The ticket office cannot assign points retrospectively once the transaction has been completed. To make sure everyone gets their points allocated to them, we recommend that supporters use the Friends and Family feature within your account in advance.

I am trying to purchase ticket online but cannot allocate my friends to tickets?

You must make sure that your friends are within your Friends and Family list. To add supporters to your list, log on to the online shop and under the ‘My Account’ tab is a section called Friends and Family. All you need to add your friends and family to your list is their supporter number and their postcode registered with us. You can also add new supporters to the clubs database in this section. Once you have Friends and Family in your list, you can then allocate tickets to them.

I am a season ticket holder, what happens if I purchase additional tickets for home games?

You will receive no extra points as you have already had the points assigned at the start of the season as part of your season ticket.

Will the priority points expire?

Priority points do not expire on supporters accounts.

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