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Millers Abroad - Barrie Thorpe

10 May 2016

Rotherham United fans cover the world far and wide and we always enjoy hearing from those Millers that have found themselves in other parts of the globe. 

The next Miller to get in touch with us is Barrie Thorpe following our initial Q and A with Christine Hewitt of Perth, Australia.

Barrie now resides Crete, Greece. Are you a Miller abroad? 

Barrie answered a few questions to recall some fond Millers memories: 

1. When did you become a fan of Rotherham United FC?

I became a fan late on really, when I was about 10 in the late 50s. I went with my uncles Alan and Maurice. I seem to remember Rotherham losing 2-1 to a team playing in black and white stripes. I'll leave you to figure. I started going regularly in 1960 with Wooly Wooldridge and Hickman.

2. How do you follow the club?

On a daily basis but specifically Saturdays. I sit there like a piece of cheese staring at the latest Scores videprinter on my computer. I live on the South coast of Crete.

3. Do you ever have the opportunity to attend matches?

Rarely, but it has happened. I took my mate Ash to see them beat Chesterfield when I went back to the UK.

4. Have you always been a fan of the club from abroad?

Yep. Always will be.

5. What are your greatest memories of Rotherham United FC?

As with a previous correspondent, I saw Stan Matthews help Stoke to a 2-1 win at Millmoor, and back to Division 1 in I think 1963. The contrast between all the other players who had crew-cuts, skimpy shorts – the regular Italian look - and Stan, nearly 50, with his Brylcreemed parting, baggy shorts, and knobbly white legs. Lol Morgan furiously back-pedalling for fear of jumping in with a tackle and having Stan the Man whip past him, that was a joy despite the circumstances.

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