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Excellent feedback on NHS sessions

18 September 2013

Participants from the Social Prescription Stadium group completed a questionnaire, giving pleasing results for Rotherham United Community Sports Trust.

Social Prescription is a project that is funded by Voluntary Action Rotherham. It is part of a NHS pilot to help people with long term health conditions by setting up preventative care. Rotherham United Community Sports Trust is one of the providers that have been subcontracted by Voluntary Action Rotherham.

The project that RUCST runs includes home visits, stadium days and trips out. The aim of the Trust’s Social Prescription project has been to:

-Improve independence by getting older people and people with disabilities active.
-Improve mobility and reduce risk of falls.
-Improve cognitive ability.
-Encourage healthy eating.
-Reduce social isolation.
-Support the Rotherham Less Lonely Campaign.

Every Thursday since January 17th 2013 we have held groups at the New York Stadium, these groups have had 88 people in total come through the service to date.

On Thursday 5th September we conducted feedback with the 33 people at the sessions that day. We gave everyone a questionnaire to fill out which asked them to rate out of 10 how they feel about their wellbeing and social contact, physical and mental health and long term health conditions.

The results are as follows:

Wellbeing and Social Contact:
-An average of 7.4/10 for feeling positive about their life
-An average of 8.2/10 for feeling less lonely or isolated
-An average of 7.8/10 for feeling satisfied with their life
-An average of 7.5/10 for feeling confident in themselves
-100% on improvement of wellbeing and social contact since being part of the RUCST Stadium group.

Physical and Mental Health:
-An average of 7.1/10 for feeling more active
-An average of 7/10 for feeling happy with their diet
-An average of 7.8/10 on feeling more mentally alert
-97% on improvement of physical and mental health since being part of the RUCST Stadium group.

Long Term Health Conditions
-An average of 7.6 for feeling in better control of managing their long term health conditions.

Further comments that participants left:

“Coming to the Stadium Group has been a great benefit, mentally and socially. Good company on the whole.”

“I feel there is much more to life and I feel happier but I only feel like this when I get out and meeting people. 100% positive about the group and the helpers.”

“I enjoy to get out and meet new people and the stadium group has helped me to do so.”

“Really enjoy the company, we really enjoy the activities, we look forward to it.”

Kathryn Wild, Adult Wellbeing Officer said “The feedback that we have received from the participants is excellent! We are encouraged by the number of people that are benefiting from the service. Some of the people in the group are getting out for sessions for the first time in years.

“The social interaction that they have had from the session has had a knock-on effect for other parts of their health and has therefore helped their long term health conditions.”

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