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Code of Conduct/Grievance policy

1 October 2013

Players Code of Conduct
All players must attend the Academy regularly and punctually, behave with self-discipline and give notice of and reason for any absence.
All players must practice the techniques and skills taught by the Academy and attempt to apply them in matches.
All players must participate in the Academy games programme. Any other football, other than school matches, must be cleared by the Football Club.
All players must attend school regularly and punctually, complete school assignments and behave at school as you would at the Academy.
All players must accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
All players must follow a lifestyle appropriate to development – spending leisure time positively; eating, drinking, relaxing and sleeping sensibly.
All players should respect all Club officials, the officials of opposition Clubs, their opponents and all Match Officials.
All players must adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct and Rules for it’s Football Academy.

Parents Code of Conduct
All parents should encourage and help the young player meet targets, including Codes of Conduct and Club Rules.
All parents should support the young player, praise good work and effort equally and refrain from criticising lapses.
All parents should set a good example for the young player.
All parents should respect the opportunity given to the young player and not approach or permit any other person to approach any other Club during the currency of this registration, except as allowed under the Rules and Regulations governing Football Academies.
All parents must communicate with Football Academy staff, keeping them informed about matters affecting the young player.
All parents should permit the young player to play only in football matches outside normal school hours as specified by the Football Academy.
All parents should encourage good play from both teams and refrain from barracking the opposition or match officials.
All parents are to refrain from coaching or attempting to influence young players during games or training.
All parents must adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct and Rules for the Football Academy.

Should the Player or his parent/ guardian experience any complaint / grievances during their period of registration at Rotherham United Football Club, they shall follow the steps set out in the procedure.

Step 1
If you do have a complaint / grievance then you should discuss it with your coaches first.  However, if you feel that you can’t discuss the complaint / grievance with your coaches then ask your parent / guardian to discuss the complaint / grievance with them.

Your coaches will make a note of your complaint / grievance you should also make a note of this.  Do not forget to record the date and outcome of the meeting with the coaches.

Should the meeting with your coaches not resolve the complaint /grievance then you must take Step 2.

Step 2
Make an appointment with the Phase Leader and discuss your complaint / grievance with him, you may wish to bring your parent / guardian along to the meeting.  Again make a note of the meeting and record the date and outcome.  

Should the meeting with the Phase Leader not resolve the complaint / grievance then take Step 3.

Step 3
Make an appointment with the Academy Manager to discuss your complaint / grievance.  The parent / guardian should submit in writing the formal notice of the complaint / grievance to the Chief Operating Officer of the Club.  This will be dealt with within 4 weeks of the notice.  Should you feel that the complaint /grievance has still not being resolved to your satisfaction then you should take Step 4.

Step 4
Your right of appeal to the decision is available through the English School’s Football Association and the Football League; you should submit your case to one of the addresses below:

1-2 Eastgate Street                                                 
ST16 2NQ                                                              
Tel: 01785 251142                                                  
Fax: 01785 255485                                                
Early awareness of a complaint / grievance is of benefit both to the player and the club.
Please note that you may report directly to the Academy Manager at any time with an 
issue / complaint in assurance of confidentiality.

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