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Gaffer on a Sunday

27 January 2013

Steve Evans talks to

Steve Evans spoke to us from a very wet and blustery Parkgate training ground as we continue with our Gaffer on a Sunday feature.

First, may we start by asking for your reflective thoughts on yesterday's loss at home to Bristol Rovers?

Let me start that by saying that if we continue to make the huge individual errors we have been making then it makes it very difficult to win any football match.

Taking nothing away from our opposition in recent weeks and particularly yesterday but they have not had to work very hard to score the goals they did.

It is also a factor that a number of who could be described as key players for us are not in good form and we must work with them for that form to turn round. I read Mark Yates say something very similar on Friday evening in relation to his team and it does happen. At every level of football class is permanent and form is temporary, that is a fact.

For each of the goals we conceded yesterday we could look at three individual errors, that is the part that is unacceptable. We played over half the match with 10 men and in that period the lads put a real shift in but those errors kill us. In the first half we did not work hard or smart enough in forward areas and that makes it even harder to open the doors of a team who by their own managers admission afterwards was to come and put everyone behind the ball.

There are big decisions in the match that baffle me and that is after watching the key incidents on the DVD for hours last night. Just why the referee does not award us a penalty when Nardiello is clearly hauled down in the penalty area early in the match? I have also looked at the decision to give Rovers a penalty, it seemed a very harsh call.

I am not going to blame the match referee, far from it given the mistakes we made but my marking of him will reflect my thoughts.

Given the sending off of Claude Davis, you will miss him now for next week?

Claude will miss one match and then be back available.

I felt for him in relation to his second yellow card, he was left is a very difficult situation after another poor defensive mistake. Also I look at the penalty awarded against him and not only feel for him but all of us, it was a poor decision.

How do you react with the squad after games like that?

I can assure everyone that everyone in our squad will be hurting, but this squad is very talented and like I said form is temporary, we have to work hard and force that to return as soon as possible.

No one has to tell me the doom merchants will be out in force and having their own little party but let me tell them we will be back and they can return to the holes they came from. I have said many times I believe we will earn promotion this season, I still believe that this morning but it is not all about it must be this season, this is a project that goes far beyond that but like I said I really do believe we can achieve our objectives.

Our supporters were disappointed yesterday, they have every right to be. I am also disappointed and have every right to be but it is now about how we all react to the current situation that makes or breaks your season.

The lads will look at the DVD from yesterday, they will then train and we will be back training again tomorrow to get ready for next Saturday. We now have a run of matches against the teams in the promotion race and given the mentality in our playing squad that is something I very much welcome. It will now be a week of hard work as our preparations will need to be spot on.

The transfer window closes on Thursday morning, is there likely to be some movement in our out?

The answer to that is yes but it will be a couple out and one in if everything works out but other than that I have nothing to say.

I believe in our squad, many will be doubting us we know that but I do not. Last night I have never felt so low but my Chairman and I talked for a while, he reminded me of the objectives we set last summer and the timescales. We also spoke of just how good these lads can play; we need to get back to that sooner rather than later. Gaff

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