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Gaffer on a Sunday

22 July 2012

Steve Evans took time this morning to put his immediate staff under the microscope as he previews all his players and staff ahead of the new season.

With all his playing staff already previewed it is now time for the Gaffer to turn his attentions to his staff.

Paul Raynor - Assistant Manager

Very simply he is as good an assistant manager as any manager could ask for. There is no doubt that Paul is an outstanding coach and dedicated accordingly. He is a real competitor in everything he does and that is taken into all our training and coaching days. Our supporters will see for themselves just how passionate he is but his individual and team instructions are meaningful. There can be no doubt how he works alongside myself in developing players talents and helps put in place the shape and style of a team that is hard to beat. 

My assistant has no desire to be a manager unlike many I know who really want the manager's job. He is exceptionally well organised and my instructions are always carried out to the finest detail. Without doubt this chap has played a huge part in the success we have had as a management team in the last few years but like myself he is desperate for that to continue here at Rotherham United.

Paul Warne - Reserve Team Manager

'Warney' has just retired from playing and I was delighted when he accepted an offer to join my coaching team.

He will have the responsibility of taking charge of our reserves and will bridge the gap between the reserves and the youth team. At present he is also assisting with first team duties until I appoint another member of staff. It will be a big learning curve for the lad but he is knowledgeable and keen to build a career. It is very early days but he has come in and done very well indeed.

Andy Dibble - Goalkeeping Coach

Without doubt this man is one of the best in the business and that is why he was subject to a few job offers in the summer, but he stayed here because he felt this football club was in the fast lane with the destination success.

When I arrived at the end of last season the 'big man' was on the verge of leaving so I set about making him feel important and I did so because I have seen him work on a number of occasions, it was exceptional every time.

He is responsible for the performances of the goalkeepers and that is how he will be judged but I know now both our guys will be fully tuned and ready to deliver big performances when selected.

Denis Circuit - Head of Medical

This man certainly knows his business. I am delighted to have inherited such a knowledgeable man who specialises in injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

He joined Rotherham United back in 1999 so he has seen the good and not so good times and when he tells people this is the most professional he has seen Rotherham United I take great pride from a structure I have worked hard to implement and revolve.

Denis is a key part of my team, I need the best in this area and I have got one. I worked with another exceptional one at my previous club so I wanted the highest calibre of person, he was here and waiting.

It is still my objective to add another member to my coaching and medical team. I have held discussions with a couple of candidates who could do the role I have set in my mind and shortly I will decide on who we should add to the magnificent staff we have.

I look at some other clubs staff numbers in league's one and two and I get confused. I see some clubs with a structure that includes manager, assistant manager, fitness coach, two first team physiotherapists, two masseuses, two fitness coaches and two match analysts, that to me is a lot of staff to include in one technical area.

When a manager is given a team budget it includes the staff so I feel it is important to make sure that we have the correct balance. We will keep a tight ship off the pitch and spend any additional sums on the playing squad, after all, it will be them who win the football matches.

As one of football's greatest ever men said when you pull on that jersey you are not just playing for a football club, you are playing for a people and a cause.

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