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RUCST celebrates Cohesion theme's work

11 December 2012

United4Communities' and One Town One Community's celebration event highlighted the Cohesion theme's great work over the last three years.

What a nice way to round off the Cohesion theme’s initial three year’s worth of funding.

The purpose of the event at the Rotherham Town Hall was to showcase and highlight the brilliant programmes that Mark Cummins and his team have delivered throughout the three years. And what an inspirational evening it was.

The background stories of the people that received awards really demonstrated the impact that the Cohesion theme has on the people of Rotherham.

Rotherham Councillor Mahroof Hussain said: “The Rotherham community cannot achieve social cohesion by itself, neither can the Rotherham United Community Sports Trust. But together we can achieve our goals.

“Football is a perfect way to link the Rotherham community, and the Trust is essential to that link.”

The three year’s worth of funding gave the Trust the opportunity to deliver evening football and dance classes throughout the borough, as well as the Great Millers Youth Forum, Faith in Action project, Rewind Anti-Racism programme and the Equality Youth Conference.

Paul Douglas, the Chief Operating Officer of Rotherham United, had nothing but praise for the work of the Cohesion strand of the Trust.

“I think the RUCST is one of the best kept secrets in Rotherham. I’m so proud of the work that the Cohesion team do that directly effects social cohesion. I feel that the Trust has the most influence on social cohesion than anything else in Rotherham, and it is the most important issue we need to continue to work on.”

Cohesion Officer Mark Cummins said the young people involved “were the projects and they are the outcomes.”

It was a fitting introduction to the awards ceremony. The awards ranged from each programme run by the Cohesion section to contribution to the theme as a whole.

Akaash Akhtar, Matus Puzo, Dominika Krculova and Natalia Sochova were the first award winners of the evening, taking home their accolades for their outstanding contribution to the Great Millers Youth Forum.

The next award was given out to individuals for their contributions to the Modern Apprenticeship Project. They were Mused Salem, Faith Stanger and James Gosling.

They were shortly followed by Jannat Suleman and Farren Medlock, who received awards for their efforts with the Rewind Project.

And last but not least was Nathan Carlin. Nathan stepped up to the mark to graciously accept his award for his overall contribution to the Cohesion theme.

Well done to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who contributed to the Cohesion theme over these last three years.

If you would like to know more about the Cohesion theme and its programmes, contact Mark Cummins on:
h Email:
01709 827767 one:
If you would like to know more about the RUCST, go to:

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