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Academy Player Profiles

Posted: Tue 31 Jul 2012

A profile of the Rotherham United Academy Players 2015/16...

Name: Laurence Bilboe
Laurence Bilboe

Name: Harry Fidler
Harry Fidler

Name:Fabian Bailey
Fabian Bailey

Name: Adam Saxton
Adam Saxton

Name: Bradley Peace-McDonald
Bradley Peace-McDonald

Name: Tom Rose
Tom Rose

Name: Dan Smalley
Dan Smalley

Name: Deegan Atherton
Deegan Atherton

Name: J'Cee Abraham
J'Cee Abraham

Name: Darnelle Bailey-King
Darnelle Bailey-King

Name: Ross Dickinson
Ross Dickinson

Name: Trae Adeyemi
Trae Adeyemi

Name: Sam Martin
 Sam Martin

Name: Brandon Potts
Brandon Potts

Name: Alaster Redmayne
Alaster Redmayne

Name: Ben Wiles
Ben Wiles

Name: Jack Osborne
Jack Osborne

Name: Kuda Muskwe
 Kuda Muskwe

Name: Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson